If you split up with your partner the first thing you need to decide is whether you want tofile for separation or divorce and know the differences between them.

Do you know what needs to be taken into account before divorcing someone?

1. Choose a good specialist lawyer in family law in Spain
You need to seek an expert lawyer in family law specialised in divorce and separation where you normally reside, as such lawyer knows how the local court works.

2. Divorce shall be prepared
When considering divorce or separation we need to look at the situation of each of the partners and then choose whether to start the proceeding immediately or after a period.3. Court precedent
Awareness of the court precedent where you have set your family residence is necessary.

4. Shared or exclusive custody
Shared or exclusive custody is granted by the judge in accordance with the parents´ personal situation and the psychosocial report.

5. Temporary measures
Depending on whether you are a male or a female, it could be advisable to file for temporary measures before filing for divorce or separation. The reason is that if there are minors involved there will normally be a psychosocial report.

lawyers divorce in spain

lawyers divorce in spain

6. Trust your Spanish lawyer´s advice
Every divorce case is different, so you need to trust your Spanish lawyer´s advice and not what your friends tell you.

7. Patience with contested divorce
If contested, separation and divorce proceedings are slow and you need to be patient and trust your lawyer.

8. Your divorce lawyer wants the best for you, his/her client
Lawyers do whatever their client asks for as long as it is legal and it is in the client´s interest.

9. The divorce decree defines your future
The separation or divorce decree sets the rules of the game between the spouses and serves as a reference in the event of potential amendments.

10. Divorce costs
Separation or divorce may entail a decrease in the spouses’ income as well as an increase in the expenses derived from the new situation.

Choosing the right lawyer will probably be the most important decision of your life after buying a house. That is why the choice and proper implementation is key.

Are you considering separation or divorce? Ask for advice now, no strings attached.

Our team of specialist lawyers in family law at Carbray are willing to help you. Carbray is a guarantee for clients who wish to file for divorce or separation in Spain.

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