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2022 Updated Democratic Memory Law: Spanish citizenship granted

Aug 19, 2022 | Spanish Nationality

The descendants of exiled Spanish achieved victory on July 14, 2022, since the Grandchildren Law, formally named the Democratic Memory Law, was approved in Congress.

The law is significant because it will grant Spanish nationality to any descendant who meets the requirements. The essential updates include two new scenarios which will allow new applicants to avail of the Bill.

Today’s entry will cover the new scenarios added to the bill, its benefits, and how to obtain nationality. But first, let’s understand where this initiative comes from. 

Context of this new update

When the previous Democratic Memory Law 52/2007 was introduced, it raised the interest of hundreds of thousands of Spanish descendants. Nevertheless, only a handful of them was able to obtain citizenship.

This obstacle was primarily due to the difficulty in obtaining documentation but also because, at the time, many applicants were grown-up grandchildren of Spanish immigrants, a scenario not contemplated in the previous bill.

Novelties: Who can obtain Spanish nationality through the new Democratic Memory Law?

The preliminary draft of the Law contemplates two cases in which Spanish nationality can be acquired when the Law enters into full force:

Sons, daughters and grandchildren of a Spanish parent and grandparent

The first scenario includes all born outside of Spain of a Spanish parent or grandparent who suffered exile and lost or renounced Spanish nationality for political or ideological beliefs and reasons of sexual orientation.

Also, the sons and daughters born overseas of Spanish women who lost their nationality for marrying foreigners before the entry into force of the 1978 Constitution may benefit from the Grandchildren Law.

This bill is of particular importance for Latin Americans because it corrects the error of the 2007 law, which did not allow adult children of Spanish descent to apply for Spanish citizenship. With this new project, that point is settled.

International Brigades

The second scenario grants Spanish nationality to volunteers who were members of the International Brigades. 

The International Brigades were military units made up of volunteers from up to 54 countries participating in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side. 

These volunteers will be allowed to claim Spanish citizenship without renouncing their previous nationality. Once the Regulation comes into full force, the application and acquisition process will be known. To get notified when this happens, leave us your contact information by clicking here. 

How to obtain Spanish nationality through the Grandchildren Law

In all previous cases, you must formalise the process within two years following the entry into force, with the possibility of an extension for one more year, which means that the Law would only last three years.

The law will now go to the next step: processing in the Senate and could be definitively approved in September.

Once it is published, the key will be to apply for nationality with the help of an immigration expert to achieve an effective process, and we will be there to help you.

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