1 Think of your spouse

It strikes me that everyone thinks not granting last will and testament is irrelevant. All their assets will be transferred to their legal heirs!

This is true. However, legal heirs are the children and if there are no children then the heirs will be the deceased person´s parents (except in Catalonia).

If unmarried, the surviving spouse is not entitled to anything (except if there is last will and testament).

2 Think of your minor child

If a parent dies having minor children, the legislation provides a solution. The parental authority will correspond to the other parent, even though this is not always the most convenient solution.

What happens if the other parent dies?

A guardian will be appointed for the minor childrenby a judge. However, only the parents know who´s the best person to act as a guardian for their minor children. It would be advisable to talk with that person, give clear instructions so that those children receive education in the best possible manner.

I do not get along with the other parent

Failure to provide last will and testament will result in the other parent managing all our children receive from us. Such power over our assets may not be performed as we would have liked to.

3 Upon your death, formalities are the last thing your beloved oneswould need

Taxes will be the same whether there is last will and testamentor not.

Before bequeathing one needs to know who the heir is. Costs are slightly higher.

4 Avoid disputes over your estate

Heirs usually agree on how assets are divided without much fighting. However, it is well known that this is not the case for everyone. In some wealthy families these disputes end up being an uphill battle.

If you are considering providing last will and testament our family lawyers will help you do it. Do not hesitate to contact us to get assistance in providing your last will and testament.

If unmarried, the surviving spouse is not entitled to anything (except if there is last will and testament).

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