Many partners, especially women, struggle to make the decision to divorce owing to uncertainties and fears. At Carbray International Law Firm, we will give you 5 good reasons why you should hire a family lawyer in Spain if you wish to file for divorce or claim custody of your children.

1. Ensure you keep in touch with your loved ones

Upon divorce or separation with children in common hiring a family lawyer can make a difference between visiting or not visiting your children. All recommendations are addressed to the ex-spouses making a deal and drafting a divorce agreement which places the children´s interests above the parents´.

2. Avoid being fleeced!

Another key to a divorce or separation is equity. The break-up entails having to distribute assets, rights and obligations accumulated by the spouses during their marriage and their economic regime shall govern the said distribution.

3. Avoid the church closing the doors to you

If you are a religious person and you married pursuant to the rite of the Catholic Church or any other faith, you need to take into account considerations set forth by the law governing that religion.

4. Avoid issues with immigration

A mixed marriage should know that the Law will require guarantees which would not apply to couples of the same nation. In general, in a civil ceremony, this will involve the foreign person having to submit documentation proving that they are unmarried, their legal status in Spain, and documentation supporting that it is not of a marriage of convenience (mixed couples seeking money of the one part, and advantages to reside in the country of the other part).

5. Speed up the paperwork

Spain bureaucracy in the legal system will bring you headaches on more than one occasion. Divorce, separation, marriage… everything requires a lot of paperwork that you can avoid by hiring a family lawyer. Relax & let experts tackle the matter.

These are important situations which require a lawyer specialist in family law. You may not have thought of these cases, but you need to be ready if the event they happen.

Tell us about your situation through the online form on our website and we will contact you by phone. We are ready to listen to your queries and analyse your options.

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