About Us

Carbray was founded in Barcelona in 2007 by Damián Carmona, Founding Partner of the firm.

Damián Carmona successfully completed his law degree at the prestigious University of Granada in 2001, and later completed a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law at Garrigues School of Law in Madrid.

After working in the most successful firms in all areas of corporate law, he specialized towards business acquisitions, mergers, due diligence processes, restructuring of business groups, bankruptcy procedures, and design and implementation of agreements, among others.

In 2007 he founded his own law firm with the main objective of offering a superior professional service than the one offered in many of the big multinational companies, focusing entirely in the client’s needs and with the benefits of a personalized treatment.

A multidisciplinary law firm was created in Spain, specialized in various areas of Spanish law that aimed advising companies as well as private residents and non-residents. With experts in Corporate, Real Estate, tax matters, divorces, inheritance, litigation and alienation processes in Spain, CARBRAY has extensive experience in the practice of law and legal advice that is constantly evolving and changing, always in line with new times, regulations and technologies.

high-quality professional service

To deliver a high-quality professional service based on expert legal knowledge, efficient procedures, vast experience, and stringent quality control.


Trust and Understanding

To ensure that our dealings with our clients are based on trust and understanding, our lawyers and professionals carefully listen to our clients in order to obtain an in-depth knowledge of their businesses and a thorough understanding of their commercial focus. This enables us to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Why choose us?

Our multilingual team has a system of work based on a very personalized treatment to the client, characterized by the quality of our services, the proximity, transparency and frankness of our professionals that adapt to the needs of each one of them.

We are aware of the difficulties of legislation and the operation of Spanish laws for people who are not resident in Spain, and together with our understanding of foreign culture, we are characterized by constant communication with the client and prompt response to any doubts, Offering also, competitive prices for each service.

Our Clients

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