What is medical negligence?

Doctors cannot guarantee that their patients will heal, but their obligation consists of pursuing all appropriate treatments to recover the health of patients and they should act in accordance with accepted medical standards at all times.

Striving to heal a disease or injury fall within any doctor´s duties. In the case of cosmetic surgery, the surgeon is not exempt from liability. If surgery does not go well and the patient does not obtain the expected reasonable results, he/she may claim compensation. In fact, there are cases where, following cosmetic surgery, the patient looks worse than prior to surgery, and therefore wish to claim their money back.

The most common medical negligence consists of a wrong diagnosis of disease or pathology of the patient, which often complicates further treatment. Some surgeries also cause injury to the patient. In addition, long waiting times in the emergency room or for the arrival of an ambulance has been decisive for the life of some people, who passed away waiting to be served. Failure to provide the right information on the disease or disorder or the side effects of certain treatments are also common mistakes from physicians.

How to start a claim

If you suspect that you have encountered medical negligence, you must first get in touch with the management of the centre where you were served to file a formal claim. If you think that the consequences of such negligence have been serious, you must consider suing.

To do this, you must collect all documents which may be used as evidence for the claim, such as diagnoses, prescriptions, referrals, etc. After that, a medical expert must assess the seriousness of the consequences or injury and determine if there are actual signs that medical staff or centre acted improperly.
If the expert believes that there is negligence, it is time to get in touch with us. We we will advise you to properly consider the claim and will calculate the chances you have of winning in court.

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