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The easiest path to long term residency in Spain, freedom to travel around Europe, and the possibility of permanent residency for you and your family.


Why hire a conveyancing solicitor?

Our conveyancing service guides you through the whole property buying process, from the first moment you decide to make an offer, through to the final closing stage and transfer of ownership.

If you’re considering buying a property in Spain, hiring a bilingual conveyancing solicitor is a must. Our team combine unbeatable local contacts and expert knowledge of the Spanish system, with multilingual skills and years of experience representing international clients. 

How can we help?

We’ll manage each step of the conveyancing process, and keep you informed at every stage. 

  • Negotiation of the deposit details and drawing up and signing of the deposit contract
  • Due diligence stage, including full study of the property deeds and specifications, background checks to make sure no outstanding bills or taxes are owed
  • Closing and signing the deed of transfer
  • Costs and taxes – we’ll inform you of these in detail and make sure you avoid hidden costs


Find out how we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Process with Carbray

At Carbray, we have 10 years of experience navigating debt recovery in Spain for discerning international clients, and achieving optimum results. Our team use their contacts and know-how to make the process smooth and speedy, so you can relax knowing that every detail is covered end-to-end.

How we work:

  • Initial steps – wherever possible, it’s important to hire your conveyancing solicitor before signing any pre-sale contracts or paying any deposits. We’ll draw up the initial contract which is signed when paying the deposit (‘arras’) to make sure your interests are fully protected before any money changes hands. 
  • All due diligence checks and paperwork pre-sale – We complete each form on your behalf and meticulously check each contract, deed and agreement, to avoid any unpleasant surprises once the sale is completed
  • Management of all required appointments when documentation has to be presented in person 
  • Progress tracking – our team will be in frequent contact with all parties to complete the sale in the shortest time possible.
  • Dedicated member of our team available throughout the process to answer any questions or solve any problems
  • Full legal and administrative management in one company – we manage every step for an obstacle-free experience. If you need help with any related legal issues beyond conveyancing, from business to residency or family visa related issues, our departments will seamlessly coordinate to offer you solutions.

Buying and selling property in Spain is a complex process, so having expert conveyancing solicitors on your side is a must. We’ll fully manage all of the administrative and legal side of the process:

  • Drawing up ‘Contrato de arras’ ie the deposit and deposit contract, including the agreement on which the sale will be based, checking all of your interests are covered before any money changes hands
  • Arranging your Spanish identification number (NIE) and opening a Spanish bank account if you don’t already have one
  • Representing you via Power of Attorney if you are not able to attend meetings in person
  • Land registry and bureaucratic checks
  • Background research to make sure there are no outstanding utility bills, undisclosed mortgages, seizure notices


You can relax knowing that our team will deal with:

Being your eyes and ears on the ground in Spain. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when dealing with unfamiliar systems and admin processes we will provide you with all the advice and local knowledge you need.

Providing you a full breakdown and checklist of every
document you need and the requirements in terms of formats, translations etc.

Getting you the right appointment at the right office with less waiting time.

Coordinating all the steps and keeping you on track with timing so that you never miss a deadline.

Managing the whole confirmation process for your arrival here, including registering with the local authorities and collecting your official residency card, through which you’ll gain access to all the benefits of your Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain.

The criteria for the Non-Lucrative Visa Spain are
very straightforward:

Sufficient funds. Applicants must have a minimum of 27,200 Euros in a bank account (in any country) OR demonstrate equity or income in another way eg work contracts, investment funds, property etc.
Find out if your situation is eligible.

Private Spanish healthcare. We can provide you with information on this.

 Necessary documentation – criminal record checks, medical certification, bank statements etc.

Why choose Carbray as your conveyancing solicitors in Spain?


Clear communication

efficient action

Over a decade's experience

on the pulse expertise

Personalized service

a global outlook

What is it like to work with us?
Our past clients experiences:

I've been working with Carbray for a few years now and have had a wonderful experience with their expertise, intimate knowledge of international law, professional diligence, and client support. With strategic thinking and persistence, the team have helped overcome obstacles that would have typically set me back months in my legal process. Carbray comes with my highest recommendations.

Meet some of our team members:

Damian Carmona

Managing Partner

Barcelona Team

Elaine Bray

Business Development Manager

Barcelona Team

Victoria Latorre

HR Manager

Barcelona Team

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Do you need help with buying or selling property in Spain?

Whether you are right at the beginning of the process, or are already some way through and encountering obstacles, contact us to consult one of our conveyancing solicitors. We’ll give you personalized advice based on your situation, free of charge and with no obligation.

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When navigating a foreign system as a business or as an expat citizen, you need a firm that is proactive and multifaceted. 

That’s why our departments coordinate seamlessly, for all your legal needs in Spain. If you have a complex legal situation, simply complete the details below, and we’ll assign the expert who’s the best fit. You’ll receive a reply within 48 hours.


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