Changes in tax returns of 2016

Since the 5th April it is possible to submit your 2016 tax return online or using paper forms through the collaborating entities. This campaign brings some news.

The main change is that the PADRE programme is replaced by the online application Renta WEB.

In order to send the tax return in person you need to wait until 11th May. The deadline, both for online and offline submissions, will be the 30th June.

If the outcome is amounts payable and you wish to be charged in your bank account, the deadline is 26th June.

Questions about the 2016 tax returns

Can I keep sending tax returns through the PADRE programme?

No, the application Renta WEB has replaced it for all kinds of tax returns.
For those engaged in economic activities, such as freelancers or self-employed professionals who were required to use the PADRE programme last year, this year they will be required to send tax returns with Renta WEB.

Will I still receive the draft by mail?

Yes, you will. It will be sent by mail to all taxpayers who confirmed their draft in 2015 and who have not accessed the Renta WEB or sent the 2016 income tax statement. Delivery of such mails will commence in May.

Is it still possible to send tax returns in person?

Yes, it is. Like every year.

In case of amounts receivable, when will I get my money back?

According to the Tax Agency returns shall commence 48h following submissions.

What if I am still unsure?

Carbray rely on taxation lawyers specialised in taxation cases, in case of doubt regarding tax returns as an individual or company, our taxation lawyers can help you send 2016 tax returns. You can sit back and relax, we will be happy to assist you.

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