The law nowadays is being used as an important instrument to aid and support the people. It´s for this reason that we should capitalise on this instrument in order to properly think through when planning our estate in Spain. Spanish civil law offers a range of tools that make it possible to regulate effectively these personal matters in terms of real estate. However, this does require that these personal matters are handled proactively and that we utilise these tools that are offered to us.


It´s never easy to start thinking about planning a future when you may not be there, however it should be regarded as a responsibility to make sure your family, friends and business associates are left with the peace of mind that you have effectively planned your estate in Spain. However, this process of reflection and planning will ensure that any plans you have for the future will become a reality.

Planning Your Legacy


Therefore, estate planning, writing wills and planning for our successors can guarantee that what we want is accomplished in the event of death. One should always be asking the questions that are most important to his or her family, such as: how can I plan my real estate in Spain to make sure my children get equal shares? Or can I ensure my spouse has access to my finances if I were to die? Or If I have a disabled child, how can I ensure that he will be protected and have the best assistance possible? All of these questions and many more must be taken into account when estate planning in Spain.

There are many things that we can´t predict are going to happen but may indeed happen rendering us handicapped. For example, have you thought about planning your estate in Spain in the event of an accident or illness? Have you thought about who will manage your estate and how? In the event of any circumstance arising beyond your power, whether it is a disability, illness or as a result of an accident, Spanish Civil law can allow you to regulate these matters by granting preventive powers of attorney, or if you elect a guardian by self-appointment.  You are always able to decide these individually when planning your estate in Spain.

Creating Your Will


As mentioned earlier, there are many platforms in order to reassure your loved ones that won´t be left in the dark, and one of these tools is the will. This is best used when the situation of the individual is terminal or cannot be reversed. These can include instructions to medics and doctors, as well as a contact person in this area of law. Again, this can be beneficial for the individual as it will avoid potential conflicts of family over division of assets.

Planning your estate in Spain can also be affected by other factors such as marriage and stable civil relationships. In a marriage or a civil partnership, certain agreements are made in the event of a break-up or a divorce, which you are able to decide. These will have to be agreed by both parties, but are not created in order to dismantle a marriage, but on the contrary to facilitate rules in the event of these occurrences which can happen.

Help is at Hand

Carbray understands that thinking about topics such as death, divorce or others can be a difficult task, but it is necessary to ensure you have effectively planned your estate in Spain to ensure you and your family have peace of mind. The Spanish legal system offers a lot for people from all around the world who have a dispute here and assistance is never too far away.

If you need assistance with your estate planning in Spain, have come into some difficulties with a divorce, or for any other queries call Carbray today for a free consultation and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.

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