Financial and Property Issues

Need help with your Property issues in spain?

Property issues in Spainunder Family Law involve the division of assets and liabilities following separation or divorce. Under family law, ‘property’ includes a range of things, such as Property can also include: investments, the family business, an entitlement to be paid, superannuation, a pension entitlement, debts and any other liabilities of the relationship.

Superannuation is included in property distribution. However, it is not always treated the same way as other property.

How is property divided?

Property issues in Spain are not just about what you own and owe. It’s about what you’ve contributed. The roles you had during your relationship and the contributions of each partner affects how the property is divided. Also, what each of you is likely to need in the future is taken into account. Determining factors are whether there are any minors, who they will live with, the age, state of health and financial capacity of each spouse.

It is very important to stick to the truth about your earnings when addressing this situation.Failure to do that could lead to transferring a lot more to your former partner as a result.It is important not to spend or conceal large amounts or destroy property in an attempt toreduce the amount your former partner will get. This is likely to fail and may be deducted from the property that you receive in the distribution.

Financial and property tips

Keep as much of the personal property as possible.
The cost of replacing personal property will always exceed its ‘value’ in family law calculations, that is second-hand auction value. For instance, abrand new washing machine that cost you EUR1,500 might be worth EUR500 if you auction it.

It is often advisable to get matters settled as soon as possible following separation – especially if your spouse is feeling responsible for what happened. Equally, be careful of making arrangements when you feel guilty for the breakdown of your relationship.
Get financial advice about how advantageous proposals are. You may really want to keep the family home, but if you don’t earn enough to pay off the mortgage, it may not be feasible for you to do so.

property issues in Spain

Financial and Property Issues in Spain?

Why choose Carbray for your property issues in Spain?

Carbray offers many benefits to all customers who need help with their property issues in Spain, including over 20 years of experience, a dedicated English speaking team with a wealth of knowledge in law, competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we always deliver results.

Carbray Lawyers have spent years, and solved numerous cases gaining the respect and trust of our clients. Whether it’s a business, an individual or any other case, Carbray will always help with your property issues in Spain.

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Our dedicated team is proud to have many experienced lawyers from all around the world. Our team can speak many languages including Russian, English, Spanish, French and Italian to name a few

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Flexible Prices

When managing your property issues in Spain, fees can often lead to more stress than desired. Here at Carbray, we offer flexible prices to suit all customers.

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We know that managing your property issues in Spain can often lead to unforeseen worries, and unplanned difficulties, but Carbray will make sure to minimize these worries and get the results you want.

Carbray´s Testimonials

A few words of appreciation from a few happy clients

Micheal Graham


“In the process of divorce, Carbray helped me with split ownership, did not know how to do it and at all times advised me to do it the best way, I took the case with professionalism. Thanks to them I have my part of the apartment that I buy with my ex-wife.”

Michelle Baker


“When I separated, my husband refused to pay me a pension, for it went a Carbray. Her lawyers helped me and in the end my ex-husband paid me the pension that is currently paying me. Without them I would not have been able to fix it.”

David Estes


“The service was first class, the response time was outstanding and all of my requests were handled with the utmost care and courtesy. I would recommend Carbray 110%.”

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