What type of visa or permitgrants the Golden Visa?

Golden Visa allows for residence visa for at least one year and a two-year residence permit which may be renewed if

  • The investment is held.
  • At least one visit to Spain during the residence term has been paid.

Who is eligible?

Investors who made a significant investment in Spain:

  • Real estate assets, i.e. purchase of houses or stores (EUR 500,000)
  • Shares or deposits (€1 million)
  • Public debt (€2 million)
  • Business projects in Spain considered of general interest.
Golden visa

What are the requirements?

General requirements

  • ID document or passport.
  • Public or private health insurance arranged with an entity operating in Spain.
  • Certificate of criminal records
  • Proof of financial means sufficient for the investor and his/her family during their residence term in Spain

Specific requirements

Documents evidencing the investment, such as:

  • Properties: land registration certificate and the properties deed of sale.
  • Non-listed equity securities
  • Listed shares
  • Public debt
  • Bank deposits
  • Business plan: prior to the application for visa or permit, you must apply for a favourable report on entrepreneurship and business activity to be developed in Spain.

Where can I apply for the report of general interest?

Prior to the visa application the report of general interest must be requestedin the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain within the geographical demarcation where you applied for the visa. If you apply for a residence permit, then such report must be requested prior to the application for the residence permit in the Directorate-General of Trade and Investment.

What do I need to submit in order to apply for such report?

The project business plan, and namely the investor´s professional profile, activity to be developed, the amount of jobs which will be created, etc.

What does a project of general interest entail?

  • Job creation
  • Investment with social and economic impact in the area where the project is to be developed.
  • Significant contribution to scientific or technological innovation.

What are the extra benefits?

  • Residence permit to reside and work valid throughout the national territory.
  • It is not required to effectively reside in Spain in order to receive it. You are required merely to visit Spain once during the residence term.
  • Joint processing of the spouse´s and children´s permits.

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