Non-lucrative residence visa

Need help to Non-lucrative residence visa in Spain?

The non-lucrative residence visa in Spain is a visa which foreigner solicit from their country of origin which authorizes them to live in Spain for a period longer than 90 days, without performing any work or professional activity.

With the Spanish non-lucrative residence visa, the applicant can accumulate time which is necessary to later opt to become a naturalized Spanish resident, which cannot be done if one has been in the country with a non-resident status, as happens when one has a tourist or student visa.

Requirements for Spain’s non-lucrative residence visa

  1. May not be in Spanish territory with an irregular immigration status.
  2. Must be free from any criminal background related to offenses specified in the Spanish legal system, both in Spain and in any countries in which you have previously resided during the last five years.
  3. May not appear as rejected for residence in the national territory of countries with which Spain has a signed agreement in this regard.
  4. Must have sufficient economic means to provide for your maintenance and stay, including, as the case may be, for your family, for the time which you desire to reside in Spain, without the need to participate in any work or professional activity.
  5. Must have a public or private medical insurance policy contracted with an insurance Company which is authorized to operate in Spain.
  6. May not be found within an agreed-upon period of no return to Spain, which a foreigner has assumed upon voluntarily returning to his country of origin.
  7. Must not suffer from any of the diseases which could have serious repercussions on public health, according to that which is laid out in the International Health Regulations of 2005.
  8. Must have a medical certificate provided within the last 3 months by a medical or health institution which includes the provider’s signature and professional identification.
  9. Must have paid the processing fee for the procedure.
Non-lucrative residence visa in spain

Non-lucrative residence visa in Spain?

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Nancy Klein


“Giorgio Guarneri was very professional and extremely responsive to all our questions and concerns. He would always reply to my emails very quickly. I really appreciated that! He successfully guided my husband and I, both Americans, through the multi-step process of obtaining non-lucrative residency visas to allow us to retire in Spain. Doing this is a very complicated process and it’s not something I would attempt without legal representation. I would highly recommended him!”

Jennifer Baker


“I was completely satisfied with services provided by your firm.

I would also like to acknowledge that Ms. Yanimar Hernandez tried her utmost to assist me through out the entire process and I really appreciated her veracity. She was always forthcoming and took care of any and all issues in a timely manner.

I will continue to recommend your firm and Ms. Hernandez to others”

William Craft


“I worked with Inmaculada Muñoz for a non lucrative visa. The fees were reasonable and the service was prompt, informed, and very rapid.”

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