Residence for Self-employment

The authorization for self-employment residence is an authorization for a non-resident foreigner to reside and work temporarily in Spain in order to pursue independent lucrative activity.

In order to obtain self-employment residence, he or she will need to comply with all the requirements set by the legislature to obtain this visa.

Requirements to apply for self-employment residence

  1. May not be a citizen of the European Union, of the European Economic Area or of Switzerland, or a family member of a citizen of those countries, to whom apply the regulations for citizens of the Union.
  2. Not present in Spanish territory irregularly.
  3. Free of any criminal record in Spain or in countries of previous residence related to offenses specified in the Spanish legal system.
  4. May not be prohibited from entering Spain or appear as rejected to enter the territory of countries with which Spain has a signed agreement in this regard.
  5. May not be found within an agreed-upon period of no return to Spain, which a foreigner has assumed upon voluntarily returning to his country of origin.
  6. Must comply with the requirements demanded by the current legislation for the opening and functioning of the projected activity.
  7. Must possess the required professional qualifications or have sufficient accredited experience in the exercise of the professional activity, including professional affiliation when such is required.
  8. Must be able to demonstrate that the planned investment and other expenses, as the case may be, are sufficient for the creation of the employment.
  9. Must be able to demonstrate sufficient economic resources for his or her maintenance and housing, after deducting that which is necessary to maintain the employment activity.
Residence for Self-employment in spain

Residence for Self-employment in Spain

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Micheal Hobbes


“I worked with Inmaculada Muñoz for a Residence for Self-employment. The fees were reasonable and the service was prompt, informed, and very rapid.”

Lavkash Varma


“I have been a client at Carbray law firm for 8 months. We are very satisfied with the service of the firm and more specifically Giorgio Guarner . The quality of service and and help that We have received has been exceptional. Giorgio was extremely professional and knowledgeable in regards to every step in the process to me reaching my goal. His availability and attentiveness was remarkable. Giorgio made my complex immigration needs very easy and manageable. I would highly recommend using Carbray for any of your immigration needs or concerns.”

Neil Cohen


“Having attained Spanish nationality, I give Carbray International Law Firm the highest rating for legal services, legal knowledge, and personal attention to my case and my needs. They guided me, with patience and understanding, through the entire complex process of gaining my Spanish nationality as a US citizen of Sephardic lineage; a year earlier I had retained a previous Spanish law firm that claimed to know the process, only to have my application denied. Working with this law firm was an excellent experience. I highly recommend the immigration department of Carbray. “

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