News on the tax return in 2017

Below we explain what the guidelines for the 2017 income Campaign are, which starts on the 4th April and ends on the 2nd of July.

1. AEAT App for submitting tax return in one click

The greatest news of this campaign is a new mobile application of the Tax Agency, its main advantage being that it allows many taxpayers to submit a tax return without having to access a computer.

2. “We call you” Plan

Another of the major changes of the Tax Return Campaign consists of the implementation of a service whereby the Tax Agency call taxpayers who need help to submit their tax return, provided that they have prior appointment and specified the date and the time for the call. There are appointments every 15 minutes between 9:00am and 08.30pm.

3. Earlier support services

In order to quicken the tax return submission, the Tax Agency decided to render support services and provide access to tax information for the year 2017 on an earlier stage.

4. Goodbye to the SMS with reference number

One of the great changes for 2017 is in connection with the steps to obtain the draft and/or tax details. The taxpayer has three ways of achieving this.
These are the main changes for the 2017 tax year.

Carbray has tax experts ready and willing to arrange your tax return in Spain. Please contact us if you need help or want us to submit your Tax Return for the year 2017 in Spain.

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