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Carbray International Lawyers S.L , Registered office in Ronda Sant Pere, 33, 3-4, 08010, Barcelona and NIF B65367575 ; Documented in Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Volume 42116 , Folio 141 , Sheet B 400,524 .

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This notice and legal information (in the following, “General Conditions”) governs the use and access by any person (“User”) of the pages that make up the domain URL “” (” website”), owned by Carbray International Lawyers S.L (“Carbray Lawyers”) as well as the contents and services included therein.

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Carbray Lawyers reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, any changes or updates to the content and services of this Legal Notice and changes to the design and configuration of this website.

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Carbray Lawyers does not assume any responsibility derived from the linked content (Links), or hypertexts that make it possible for the user to gain access to benefits and services offered by third parties, through the webpage, provided they are unaware of them. Therefore, Carbray Lawyers are not responsible for any of the information or effects which can occur from such information from others. Carbray Lawyers does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other similar elements that can produce alternations to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), in the user’s documents or files, excluding any liability for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

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In accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999 , of December 13 , the Protection of Personal Data, the users are informed that the personal data that is provided on this website will be processed automatically and their file will become part of the property and responsibility of Carbray International Lawyers S.L., where it is properly registered with the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, with the purpose of identifying and contacting the user and providing any information requested. Carbray Lawyers also send Newsletters to promote their services, which contains news of interest in the legal field.

The user agrees to provide truthful, accurate, complete and current data and is solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that could affect Carbray International Lawyers S.L or any third party due to falsehood, inaccuracy, insufficiency or data that has not been updated. It is deemed necessary to provide all data requested in the relevant forms, in order to complete the services requested by the user.

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Finally, the user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, taking into account this exercise is personal, so it will require documentation to certify ones identity. The exercise of these rights must be in writing signed by the owner of the data , indicating their address, attaching a copy of their National Identity Document or another document and be addressed to Carbray Lawyers, Rambla de Catalunya, 66 , 3rd HG , 08007 , Barcelona.

Recording Legal Terms of Use

According to Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), we hereby inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into an automated file owned by the Bar Association of Barcelona, in order to provide a better management of the professional college services.

The data may also be processed and/or transferred to third parties as result of legal and/or contractual obligations.

 Access, rectification, cancellation, installation and oppositions rights can be exercised by sending a letter to the Bar Association of Barcelona, jointly with a copy of your ID; by e-mail to: lopd @; Fax addressed to Distinguished Bar Association of Barcelona, ref. LOPD to the Fax no. 93 487 65 03; by sending a written statement to the Distinguished Bar Association of Barcelona, ref. LOPD, to Calle Mallorca, nº 283, 08037 Barcelona; personally deliver it to the General Register of the Distinguished Bar Association of Barcelona or by letter post.

Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute concerning the conditions of use and access to this website: contained in this Legal Notice shall be governed by Spanish legislation, explicitly renouncing the parties to the jurisdiction where appropriate, and subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.

Disclaimer on the Use of Cookies

Cookies are files stored in the browser to record some user activities on the website. Carbray Lawyers cookies do not personally recognize the visitor as an individual or damage his/her device, they only allow us to count the number of visitors we receive on each page and make anonymous statistical analysis to improve our service.

Services & Prices

Immigration Department

Name of the service Price (default price, can be modified later in the program)
Schengen visa900€ (+VAT if applicable)
Non-profit residence 1600€ (+VAT if applicable)
Stay for studies or internships 600€ (+VAT if applicable)
Residence for job search or to undertake a business project 900€ (+VAT if applicable)
Certificado de registro de ciudadano de la Unión 400€ (+VAT if applicable)
Residence for British citizens 600 (+VAT if applicable)
EU citizen’s family member 900 (+VAT if applicable)
Residence and self-employment 1700€ (+VAT if applicable)
1500 (+VAT if applicable)
Residence for investor – Golden Visa 2500€ (+VAT if applicable)
Spanish nationality for residence 1100€ (+VAT if applicable)
Portuguese nationality by Sephardic origin 2750€ (+VAT if applicable)
1.500€ (+VAT if applicable)
Long term residence 700€ (+VAT if applicable)
EU long term residence 700€ (+VAT if applicable)
Italian Nationality by Iure Sanguinis 500€ (+VAT if applicable)
1.900€ (+VAT if applicable)
300€ (+VAT if applicable)

Mercantile Department

Name of serviceDescription (description of proposal)Price (default price, may be modified in the program later)Total full service price
1. Incorporation of Subsidiary Company1.1. Power of attorney350.- Euros/power of attorney    4.400€ (+ VAT if applicable)  
1.2. NIE350.- Euros/NIE
1.3. Bank account300.- Euros/Bank account
1.4.  Legalization of the parent company’s documentation and obtaining its Tax Identification Number (NIF) 800.- Euros
1.5. Drafting of by-laws and procedures for the creation of a subsidiary company under the form of a Limited Company in Spain1.200.- Euros
1.6. Financial activation of the company500.- Euros
1.7. Social and Fiscal Domiciliation900.- Euros
2. Company Incorporation (SL)1.1. Power of Attorney350.- Euros/power of attorney3600€ (+ VAT if applicable)
1.2. NIE350.-  Euros/NIE
1.3. Bank account300.- Euros/Bank account
1.4. Drafting of the statutes and procedures for the creation of a Limited Company in Spain1.200.- Euros
1.5. Financial activation of the company500.- Euros
1.6. Social and Fiscal Domiciliation900.- Euros
3. Purchase of Real Estate in Spain1.1. Power of attorney350.- Euros/power of attorney 2.800€ (+ VAT if applicable) 
1.2. NIE350.- Euros/NIE
1.3. Bank account300.- Euros/Bank account
1.4. Due Diligence in the sale of real estate 1,800.- Euros
1.5. Contracts associated with the real estate transaction
1.6. Post-transaction formalities
4. Inheritance in Spain1.1. Power of attorney350.- Euros/power of attorney 3.250€ (+ VAT if applicable) 
1.2. NIE350.- Euros/NIE
1.3. Bank account300.- Euros/Bank account
1.4. Services and procedures for the execution of the inheritance2.250.- Euros


Litigation Department

Name of the service Price (default price, can be modified in the program afterwards)
Pre-judicial stage Minimum 600 euros + 21% VAT (4h* 150 euros/h) 
Solvency study Minimum 900 euros + 21% VAT (6h* 150 euros/h)
Feasibility study Minimum 600 euros + 21% VAT (4h* 150 euros/h)
Debt recovery The price will depend on the amount to be claimed and will include a fixed part and a success fee.
Judicial enforcement proceedings
Eviction procedureA minimum of 2500 euros + 21% VAT. Depends  on the price of the apartment.
Condominium divisionA minimum of 2500 euros + 21% VAT. Depends  on the price of the apartment.
Medical malpractice600€ + 21%VAT (4h* 150€/h).
3000€ + 21%VAT
Traffic accident900€ + 21%VAT + 8% success fee
Dismissal procedureFor CONCILIATION services:  300€ + 21% VAT
For LAWSUIT AND TRIAL services: 300€ + 21% VAT
*A 15% success fee will be applied if we win and you receive compensation. 
Claiming an amount in labor proceedingsThe price will depend on the amount to be claim, and will include a fixed fee and a success fee.
Divorce proceedings 3500€ + 21%VAT.
3000€ + 21%VAT
Notarial divorce2500€ + 21%VAT
Custody and guardianship proceedings 3500€ + 21%VAT
3000€ + 21%VAT
Procedure modification of measures 3500€ + 21%VAT
3000€ + 21%VAT
Matrimonial annulment 3500€ + 21%VAT
Proceedings for international kidnapping 3500€ + 21%VAT
Appeal50% + 21% of the VAT of the payment made for the main proceeding.
Appeal of cassation40% + 21%VAT of the payment made for the the main proceeding.

Terms & Conditions of Contract

Policy of modification and/or cancellation of the contracted services:

1.- The CLIENT will have seven (7) calendar days from the signing of the proposal to request the cancellation of the service, in which case the amounts paid on account will be refunded, with a 3% administration charge being retained, as well as the amount equivalent to the work actually carried out up to that day, with the difference being refunded. The work actually carried out will be calculated at a rate of 100 Euros per hour. 

2.- If within seven (7) calendar days, the list of documents necessary to carry out the process has been sent, 15% of the total fees will be deducted from the amount to be returned.

3.- Once seven (7) calendar days have elapsed since the signing of the proposal, the fees paid in advance cannot be returned under any circumstances, even if the service/s contracted have not been started and the client requests a refund of the amounts paid on account.

Contact Details

Should the user have any questions about these Terms and Conditions or any comment on the website of Carbray Lawyers, please contact

Carbray International Law Firm S.L. Tel +34 93 488 09 72

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