Property litigation in Spain

Residential property portfolios and commercial property are regulated differently by law and the two types of ownership face different challenges. Regulation is much tighter, and actions are subject to wider scrutiny for the former. Also, when disputes arise, residential tenants or occupiers are much more likely to want to exercise their rights.

Our residential property litigation in Spainservices include:

  • Rent recovery (including court and tribunal proceedings, as well as insolvency proceedings)
  • Recovering possession of property
  • Service charge disputes, challenges and consultations
  • Claims for disrepair and other disputes over breaches of contract
  • Recovery of properties from unlawful occupiers/squatters
  • Lease extensions and claims
  • Disputes with owners of neighbouring properties over boundaries, easements, trespass, etc.
  • We regularly act on behalf of investors, landlords, and leaseholders in relation to any kind of disputes relating to residential property.

    Our team of property litigation lawyers have a widepractice working for investors and developers, as well as individual homeowners, on residential property disputes.

property litigation in Spain

Property litigation?

Why choose Carbray for your Property litigation in Spain?

Carbray offers many benefits to all customers who need help with their property litigation in Spain, including over 20 years of experience, a dedicated English speaking team with a wealth of knowledge in law, competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we always deliver results.

Carbray Lawyers have spent years, and solved numerous cases gaining the respect and trust of our clients. Whether it’s a business, an individual or any other case, Carbray will always help with your property litigation in Spain.

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Mother tongue

Our dedicated team is proud to have many experienced lawyers from all around the world. Our team can speak many languages including Russian, English, Spanish, French and Italian to name a few

Spanish Company Flexible Price

Flexible Prices

When managing your property litigation in Spain, fees can often lead to more stress than desired. Here at Carbray, we offer flexible prices to suit all customers.

Spanish Company Results


We know that managing your property litigation in Spain can often lead to unforeseen worries, and unplanned difficulties, but Carbray will make sure to minimize these worries and get the results you want.

Carbray´s Testimonials

A few words of appreciation from a few happy clients

Micheal Hobbes


“The Lawyers at Carbray helped me claim back the money I was owed by the tenants from my property in Spain.”

David Baker


“I highly recommend Carbray Law Firm for legal representation. I was pleased with their knowledge about the law and their sincere guidance in my case. I have worked with 2 other attorneys in the last 4 years (same case) and wish I could have connected with Carbray Law Firm much sooner. Their professional approach and prompt responses have been much appreciated!”

Michael Craft


“Carbray helped me solve the property litigation process. Thank you so much!”

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