Spanish Property Lawyers

Need help with your property in Spain?

When thinking about buying, selling or managing your property in Spain, it can often be a stressful and difficult process leading to many restless nights. There can often be unforeseen circumstances which are beyond your power and often seem impossible to manage, but that is where we at Carbray can help. With a dedicated, experienced and professional team, we can offer you the best Spanish property lawyers in Spain.

Buying or Selling Your Property in Spain

Whether you are thinking about investing in a holiday home, looking to relocate, renting out your house in Spain or are thinking about selling, our Spanish property lawyers are ready, willing and able to assist you. Our dedicated team can guide you through all the processes necessary to fulfill your request. At Carbray we know that it can feel like a lifetime trying to organize what seems like a mountain of work, but our Spanish property lawyers are here to lessen the burden.

Transfer of equity

At some point you may need to change the name on the deeds of the house, change ownership of the property or just to transfer equity into another name. These reasons can vary from giving or receiving your property as a gift, inheriting property or as a result of a divorce. Whatever the reason, this can often seem more stressful than it needs to be, and this is where our Spanish property lawyers come in. Here at Carbray, we understand you can´t always be at your Spanish property for personal reasons, but we are on hand to assist you from abroad in Spain.

Tax, Inheritance and Power of Attorney

Managing a property in Spain can incur various problems which often which often prove arduous to manage. These can range from calculating taxes, to managing your property through a Power of Attorney. Carbray´s Spanish property lawyers are proud to have successfully managed thousands of queries associated with all aspects of property law. With this experience we can explain to you what taxes to pay and how to calculate them, without using technical jargon. Carbray aims to show you the best paths to go down and the next steps to make, whilst helping you to effectively manage your property.

Spanish property lawyers

Property in Spain?

Why choose Carbray to be your Spanish property lawyers?

Carbray offers many benefits to all customers who are looking for help with their Spanish property and also looking for a Spanish property lawyer. Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience with thousands of successful cases, proving our capability in this competitive market. We are proud to have a dedicated English speaking team with a wealth of knowledge in real estate, competitive prices and a hands on approach making sure we always deliver results.
Spending years and solving numerous cases, we have gained the respect, trust and confidence of our clients. Whether you are a new buyer or seller, already have a property in Spain, inheriting a property in Spain and all other issues, be sure that you can rely on our Spanish property lawyers.
Spanish Company Equal Opportunities

Mother tongue

Our dedicated team is proud to have many experienced lawyers from all around the world. Our team can speak many languages including Russian, English, Spanish, French and Italian to name a few

Spanish Company Flexible Price

Flexible Prices

When managing your Spanish property, unexpected fees can often pop up leading to more stress than desired. Here at Carbray, our Spanish property lawyers can offer flexible prices suited to you, whilst making sure there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Spanish Company Results


What´s more, we treat all customers needs equally, and with the utmost respect no matter what the query may be. Carbray is proud to serve all types of businesses, however big or small, and clients from all around the world.

Carbray´s Testimonials

A few words of appreciation from a few happy clients

David Beckford


“My wife and I had our eye on a beautiful property in the Costa Brava, but didn´t really know where to go for assistance. Luckily, we were recommended a Spanish property lawyer from Carbrays by a friend. We finally have a place of our own in this amazing place! Thank you Carbray!”

Jessica Grant


“I inherited a property last year in Malaga, but I had a couple of hiccups trying to get my name onto the deeds. Carbray Spanish property lawyers did absolutely everything for me, and managed to sort everything out in a matter of weeks. A little bit of sun is exactly what I need for my September break!”

Christopher Harvey


“I had been trying to sell my property in Murcia, Spain for over 2 years, but couldn´t work out where I was going wrong. I desperately needed some assistance, when I found Carbray. I had complete assistance from Anne and the rest of the team, who managed the whole process for me! I would highly recommend this group of dedicated Spanish property lawyers!”


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