Processing Portuguese Nationality & Citizenship for Sephardic Descent

If you’re of Sephardic Jewish ancestry, don’t miss the opportunity to claim your Portuguese citizenship and enjoy the full advantages of being a European citizen.

  • Obtain your Portuguese Citizenship without leaving your country.
  • Quick turnaround time to find out if your case is viable.
  • We will manage the process of collecting the documentation needed to prove your Sephardic lineage.
  • We will apply for certification from the Portuguese Jewish Community.
  • We will submit the completed application file on your behalf.
  • We will coordinate for you to collect your Portuguese passport at the Portuguese Consulate
    in your country of residence.

Wondering how to apply for Sephardic Portuguese Citizenship?
We’ve got all the answers below

What is the Sephardic claim to Portuguese nationality? 

The Sephardic community were Jewish people who were expelled from Spain and Portugal in the 15th century. In recent years the Portuguese government approved laws to amend this historical injustice and allow the descendants of this community to claim full Portuguese nationality.

What are the benefits of Portuguese nationality?

  • Permanent citizenship, with all of the living and working rights of a European citizen.
  • A Portuguese passport, known as one of the most powerful in the world, giving visa free access to more than 130 countries worldwide, as well as complete freedom of movement within the Schengen area.
  • Open the path for your family to enjoy the same benefits.

Choose Carbray! We have helped hundreds of clients in the same situation as you!

At Carbray we know that your nationality process is not just about the paperwork. It means open doors and exciting opportunities. It means a new future.

If you’ve spent hours online studying the legal requirements for your situation, comparing outdated information on faceless websites, and getting lost in bureaucratic jargon, you can stop your search here.

Our team of nationality lawyers in Europe have been creating a smooth, speedy and stress free path for our clients for more than a decade. We’ll guide you through the whole process, so you can take this important step in your life confident that every detail has been taken care of by an expert.

Our next success story is yours.

Process with CARBRAY

Having guided hundreds of applicants to successfully obtain European citizenship, our lawyers have all the contacts and know-how to make the process completely stress free for you. The process for Portuguese Nationality through Sephardic Descent is complex, but the Carbray team will be with you every step of the way, so that you can relax knowing the whole process is in expert hands.

How we work:

  • To save you time and money, we always conduct an initial study to confirm the viability of your application, with a very small fee. Once we confirm that your application is viable, the small fee is deducted from the total price of the application process. To find out more about the feasibility study, contact us.
  • Once feasibility is confirmed, we manage the process of collecting the complex documentation needed to prove your Sephardic lineage. This can be done in different ways depending if your family are practising Sephardic Judaism, or if not through a detailed geneology report.
  • With that evidence we apply for certification from the Portuguese Jewish Community, and collect all of the other supporting documentation required to submit the completed application file on your behalf. Our experienced team will oversee and meticulously check all documentation is formatted, translated or validated as required by Portuguese law.
  • You will not need to be in Portugal for any of the process, and we will be your eyes and ears here, frequently checking on the status of the application and coordinating with the Portuguese Ministry of Justice to provide any additional information or formalities they may request.
  • You’ll have a dedicated member of our team who will keep you updated and will answer any questions you may have for the whole duration of the application process.
  • Even once your application is confirmed, we will continue to accompany you through the whole process of applying for your passport, so that you can take full advantage of your Portuguese nationality as soon as possible.

What are the requirements?

The criteria for Portuguese Nationality through Sephardic descent are quite complex, so it is essential to have an expert legal team on your side. Some of the criteria you’ll need to prove:

  • Genealogy information proving your link to the Sephardic community
  • Evidence of maintaining Sephardic traditions
  • Certification of this link from the Jewish Community in Portugal
  • Necessary personal documentation – criminal record checks, identification from your current country of origin etc. 

Because of the complexity of the requirements, we always undertake a viability study before moving forward. Find out more about our process and how we’ll help you every step of the way. 

You’re in good hands!

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S. ParkS. Park
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I have over 20+ years of experience working with various kinds of lawyers in New York, Boston, Zurich, Barcelona and Tokyo. Evelyn Romero was hands down the best immigration attorney! Evelyn is extremely knowledgeable and proactive with impeccable attention to detail, responsive and personable communication, and a kind and professional approach. I’m very happy I found her and I highly recommend Evelyn Romero to anyone looking for a highly skilled, no hassle immigration attorney.
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09:41 17 May 22
I have been working with Carbray for several years, since they assisted with the initial visa application for my life in Spain. All of the attorneys that have worked with me for the last four years have been professional, forthright and prompt in their replies. If you are looking for knowledgeable and professional people to help guide you through the daunting process of dealing with a new government to process your immigration, I can recommend Carbray International with the highest degree of confidence!
Kim BingleyKim Bingley
09:57 13 May 22
We cannot thank Carbray enough for all their help and support throughout our NLV process. Magdalena and her team have been so amazing and so helpful and we couldn't have done this without them. They reply to every phone call and email instantly and are always there to help through what can be quite a stressful process at times. I would recommend Carbray to anyone thinking about starting to apply for their Spanish visa!!
Anne-Laure GoryAnne-Laure Gory
11:57 02 May 22
Laia Fernandez has done an outstanding job with my divorce case and I can not thank you enough for that. She was able to explain to me all the steps very clearly and was very proactive. She really made it simple & transparent. The fact that she is bilingual (English/Spanish) also helped a lot !Thank you once again Laia for everything !
helen mayallhelen mayall
11:41 02 May 22
We used Carbray International Law Firm to obtain NLV Visas for Spain. I’m so glad we did! We were allocated our own Lawyer Magdalena Barrueto, and she was always at hand to guide us through the process and answer any of our questions or concerns.I would recommend this Law firm without hesitation.Excellent service, no messing and timely. I would definitely use again.
08:41 14 Feb 22
We applied for a 1 year non-lucrative visa, the visa team led by Magdalena Barrueto provided a first-class exceptional service to us. The process of applying for the visa is long and complex, however with the professionalism, expertise, guidance and support of the team we successfully received our visas. The team led us through the process in a clear and concise way, providing important support with the translation of documents. We cannot recommend Carbray highly enough.
Gregory RodriguezGregory Rodriguez
19:05 23 Jan 22
Dealing with the bureaucracy in Spain can be intimidating for newcomers. It’s also confusing! This is particularly true when applying for residency. Carbray International did an excellent job shepherding my wife and me through the process. We’re very pleased with their work and recommend their services in the highest possible terms.
Dan SDan S
12:53 05 Jan 22
They held our hands through out the whole process of becoming a citizen of Spain. Amazing service. Thank you so much for all your help
Sachin ShahSachin Shah
13:39 05 Nov 21
Carbray International Law Firm was an absolute god send. I am so delighted with the outcome of my case. My lawyer, Magdalena was very efficient, was able to communicate and be very knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand. Furthermore, Michelle who assisted me on the day was very charismatic and friend to calm my nerves. Both of them made my application process extremely easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Carbray.
Rose DonnaRose Donna
10:28 05 Nov 21
From the moment we started working with the Carbray team, my husband and I have had the most professional service. Starting with them reaching out to us right away from our first inquiry. Even in the midst of the pandemic the team was efficient and dealt with all delays.Their communication has been top notch as well. Not once through the entire visa process did we have to wait for a response or wonder about next steps. Their entire process was laid out clearly and we're very helpful following up on questions.We had called a few other firms that were not very responsive. We're so happy that we found Carbray. They are an excellent firm and we highly recommend them.

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