Starting a business in Spain can be tedious as it entails a number of formalities. On top of that, if you are a foreigner it can get even worse. What documents do I need to register as a self-employed or freelancer in Spain as a foreign citizen?

REQUIREMENTS to start a business in Spain

Business plan
This is your business project, which contains your business idea, amount invested in the project, profits expected, job positions, authorisations necessary to start the business, etc. Furthermore, you will need to prove that you have the necessary funds to start your business in Spain. Our lawyers will prepare your business plan so that you can opening a business in Spain

Foreigner ID no (NIE)
Applying for a NIE can be time-consuming and difficult as you need to do paperwork in different places. Carbray can arrange the whole proceeding, we submit the application for NIE properly so that you can open your business in

Starting a business in Spain

Starting a business in Spain

Registration in the Spanish Tax Agency as a foreigner.
Registration as a freelancer or self-employed is very similar for foreign citizens and locals if you have a valid NIE. First, you need to register in Hacienda (Tax Agency) and then you need to apply for registration in the Spanish Social Security. There are no differences tax-wise with regard to locals.

Registration in Social Security as a foreign citizen.
In this case we need to differentiate between EU citizens and non-European citizens. However, be advised that in order to apply for registration in the Spanish Social Security you will need the Tax Agency registration form.

It is necessary to analyse a lot of information to properly follow all steps. Registering as self-employed is already quite complicated for a Spanish citizen, and for foreign citizens it becomes even more complicated as more information is required from them.

It is advisable to find someone who guides you through the process. Carbray, as experts in creating new businesses, offer comprehensive counselling and management so that you can start your business in Spain straight away.

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